Wednesday, October 29, 2008


above: my girlfriend rachel maddow.
[uh, she doesn't know it yet, however.]

it's alive ... just barely

hey everyone. my computer has been in the hospital so i haven't been able to post. i will see carlos today and hope that he was able to fix it. he probably had to clear her out. again. vicious, whatever happened to that thing. if anyone can fix it, it's carlos.
so, i have a confession to make. some of you may recall my radiohead nip/tuck comparison of trying to catch up with a quickly moving train. we finally had record night at my house (only to be rudely interrupted by my pain in the ass neighbor ... that's another entry) and i purchased radiohead's sophmore effort, the bends. mainly because it has three of the only radiohead songs i know on it, 'fake plastic trees' 'my iron lung' and 'high and dry.' this record is now the only thing i listen to. day and night, night and day it's all radiohead all the time. i've also purchased ok computer but it hasn't stuck like the bends. i'm a tad embarrassed to only be getting this now. i mean, it's been like 15 years they've been making music and i'm just getting it? wow. i think mainly i was against it because they were the little darlings of just about everyone. radiohead could do no wrong. after a few listens to ok computer and not really feeling it's vibe, i realize that perhaps the bends represents a time in music that i just loved. that i long for. i loved that nineties rock - i was so in to music at that time that it sort of feels like a warm fuzzy blanket. well, thank you radiohead. i love the bends and i'm ok with it.
i have to go to work now. i hope everyone is well and we'll talk soon.

Friday, October 17, 2008


ladies & gentlemen, i give you: the queen.


holla! check it - leanne won project runway! finally someone is representing my city on a reality show with dignity and talent. well, it seems leanne's only been in portland for 2 years having moved from california, so my sister can claim her more than me. but even if leanne wasn't from my fine city, i would have been rooting for her. she is meticulous, innovative (she used sustainable fabrics for her final collection, of course) and just plain nice. [except for where kenely was involved and then it's all bets off!] above is leanne and her wedding dress - it was spectacular...and it had pockets! thanks for a great season designers! ok, maybe a little boring, but i digress. heidi, tim? i love you my little babies. [p.s. heidi, next year more tight little numbers when walking out on the runway with that velvet button bag. please and thank you.] next year pr moves to lifetime. god. i hate lifetime (and los angeles...what about mood?). i hope they don't make it all weepy and cheesy-like. that would suck. ok. have a great friday everyone! oh, and don'tforgettovotenovember4,2008.voteforpeace.change.hope.obama. auf wiedersehen!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


if i didn't send this to you in an e-mail, you should read this new yorker article about my new boyfriend, barack obama.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


so, i signed up for facebook after my sister did. i set the whole thing up and participated in a few rounds of scrabble with my sister and then i forgot about it. i get e-mail regarding it a lot. i've found a couple of people i hadn't thought of since high school. my girl rashida mungin found me and she lives in new york now. i'm glad to have re-connected with her. but i've been found by people i don't remember. nothing triggers any kind of memory. rhonda perez for example. nope. not sure. she told me she was a blast from the past but i'm still not sure. i'll sit on it for a while. i've blocked out a lot of my school memories -- most of them are/were unpleasant. so the question is, do i accept the rhonda perez's out there and hope when we start communicating i'll remember? wouldn't it be horrible if i never remembered? that could get tricky. hmmm. plus, i have to be honest, i don't really "get" facebook. i don't understand it. all the flair and plants and food. i do like the idea of finding people there. so i'll keep it so people can keep finding me. i don't know how to find people so i'll let them come to me. see ya on facebook.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

no on prop 8

hey, californians! don't forget to VOTE NO ON PROP 8! protect equal rights and all the marriages that have happened over the summer. please support your favorite daughter, sister, sister-in-law, friend, neice by voting no on proposition 8. thank you. and peace.

Friday, October 10, 2008

the cooperative

so i suppose i should explain about the cooperative. the cooperative is a group of self-sustaining women; who jump to one another's needs faster than you can shake a stick. oh, and we fight crime in tights and masks late, late at night. it's rare to find a group of women who can get along, fight, laugh, cry, hate each other - but to their core love one another unconditionally. meet the cooperative. how could i have gotten so lucky? the clogged drain was the perfect example of the cooperative in action. could diane have wanted to be someplace else for the 2 hours she worked on my drain? more than likely. when i heard my drain would be fixed no questions? i was overwhelmed by the support i've found here. then i realized, it's just what we do. it's who we are. it's the cooperative. my turn will come around. tell me about your cooperative...oh, one ore thing. i don't know if i've mentioned anything about voting. oregon, you only have TWO more days to register to vote. october 11 is the last day. YOU CANNOT VOTE IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED! i beg of you, people. help secure our future and our place in this world. voting is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. there are very few places on this planet where your voice is heard in the government. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT! VOTE NOVEMBER 4, 2008. [or my dad's gonna get pissed.]

Thursday, October 9, 2008

in action...

dear mom and dad, you'll be happy to know that "the cooperative" has sprung into action regarding my clogged drain. diane and jana came over last night and we attempted to snake the drain. unfortunately, once we got all the pipes torn up and whatnot, we realized we couldn't see which way the pipes drained. we tried for almost 2 hours. i was resigned to calling a plumber. a couple of hours later my husband, johna, calls telling me that linda (my realtor) has offered to "call in a favor." she knows many plumbers. the only downside is that i don't know when he'll show up -- so today i run errands and enjoy my coffee and paper out in the world. this goes to show, it's all who you know. i would like to expose a ray of light in the great economic disaster of 08 - MCCAIN IS LOSING GROUND! it's true. i feel it. i feel a shift. i think people are starting to come to their senses and a "trickle down" effect is beginnig to happen. as in, shit rolls downhill mccain. perhaps being w.'s supporter wasn't the best idea you ever had. obama (and the american people) shall reap the benefits. thank you, john mccain, for helping us elect the first african-american president and chainging the tide of america. i salute you. VOTE NOVEMBER 4, 2008 FOR CHANGE. FOR PEACE. VOTE OBAMA.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i suppose i should explain how i believe the sinks got clogged. they didn't magically clog - right? i mean, it'd be great if they did, however, my husband johna told me that i shouldn't put coffee grounds down the sink. now listen, i've been putting coffee grounds in garbage disposals for years and this has never happened. unfortunately i think the coffee grounds/my hair combo has made for a nasty clog. [the sinks are clearly connected.] this is the thing about buying old apartments and letting your hair grow out. the pipes clog easily and the hair is all over the place. i'm hoping "the cooperative" can help in this matter as i'm sure they can. i'll keep you posted.

i'm ba-aaack!

look who's returned to the world of blogging. carlos had to erase my hard drive. it's like a brand new computer - which is nice, but i'm having to start all over again. you know? i have a couple of 'survivor' talkies to add and carlos has added his movie-making program that looks far fancier than mine. i'm going to try it. times are hard here at my pad. work has been a little on the slow side since this "bailout" [thanks, it really helped!] and i have had to use my savings and now am living every day ... waiting for the day to end to go to the bank. deposit every day. i hate doing that. to cap it all off my bathroom and kitchen sinks are totally clogged. i can't even use the bathroom and the kitchen sink can be used sparingly. there doesn't seem to be a problem with the toilet, shower or washing machine. i did come across the dishwasher full of water (luckily, clean). hopefully "the cooperative" is coming today to snake. i'm hoping to correct this problem without calling a plumber but i'm not holding out hope. if that's the case ... well, a pickle is abound. on a brighter note, i changed the living space in my apartment on monday. i really like the way it turned out. i took out the rug which was the bane of my existence. i was constantly picking up balls of rug and scully hair. over it. once scully's fed the tree, i'll think about a rug. the floor is new so it's in great condition. i might as well enjoy it. i hope everyone is doing well and i'll work on my talkies this week. everyone who is eligible must register to vote this week. in may states registration is over but here in portland we have until to saturday so check and make sure. save the future of our country and secure the future for my neice and nephews' kids. VOTE OBAMA! VOTE FOR CHANGE! VOTE NOVEMBER 4! [and if john mccain says "my friends" one more time...]

Thursday, October 2, 2008

computers fairyland cage matches

carlos is going to try and work on my computer again! i have faith he can fix it.
while i was at ikea this weekend i saw this vw wagon with this fairyland bumper sticker and i got giddy inside! i had to take a picture. my parents used to take me and kris all the time to fairyland in oakland. i know there's a few of you out there who remember fairyland - the plastic keys? awesome!
don't forget to tivo or watch biden and palin go at it in a cage match tonight. it should be fun to watch biden try not to openly berate or humiliate palin and for palin not to come off like a total idiot. i mean, if you can't tell katie couric which publications you get your information from, you know you're in trouble. don't worry, people, she has her "sources."
hey, don't forget to register to vote. IF YOU'VE MOVED YOU MUST RE-REGISTER!
NOVEMBER 4, 2008