Wednesday, April 29, 2009


local sports columnist john canzano snapped a photo of yao ming after their loss to portland 88-78 on tuesday night. go here to see the photo. yao sits in a corner in the locker room icing his feet in a bucket. there's a big stink about the photo - some saying canzano violated yao's privacy by posting it on his site. i think the photo is genius and quite telling. this is what yao was thinking...
shit. we couldn't finish off these damn kids. now we are on our heels and the kids probably are feeling momentum. a lot of folks have been predicting trailblazer's in 7. sure the houston rockets haven't gotten out of the first round of playoffs - well, ever (0-6). sure we all think the calls in the series are bogus. if we have to come back to the rose garden, we're fucked.
rip city uprise!
playoffs 2009
blazers in 7

i heart tweets

it's true...i've joined the forces...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

in regards...

i just wanted to make another comment about kids being bullied in school. my friend lesley's 9 year old son is also bullied regularly and as a parent you must feel a little out of control. i can tell lesley feels that way. what can a parent do besides complain to the school authorities or pull their child out and hope they aren't bullied in a new school? i too was bullied in school. it shattered my self-esteem into my adulthood and made me completely uninterested in school. i was bullied up until the last day of my senior year of high school. i was bullied for being gay - little did i know then that i was gay. [joke's on them, eh?] during my senior year, every day two boys in 4th period english and 5th period psychology (oooo, two classes in a row to torture me!) called me gay to my face as an insult. EVERY DAY. every day. i wasn't exactly insulted since i had no problem with being gay, if i was. because my parents taught me compassion i was able to clearly see that being called gay was not an insult. i ignored them all year but i will never forget dreading going to class. going to school. the problem here is that kids are calling other's "gay" as an insult. this has to start at home, parents. also, why aren't we teaching kids compassion in schools? why can kids get away with this? it's hideously harmful and hurtful to the child being bullied and the child doing the bullying. it is unacceptable and IT MUST STOP! carl hoover-walker's mother did everything right. she called the school officials repeatedly and was ignored. carl hoover-walker was bullied to death. i know kids are mean to each other but this is extreme. i better not hear of this happening to my niece or nephews. seriously. or them doing it to someone else. however, i know my sister and tim have instilled compassion in their children. it's not complicated, people. lead by example and you'll always be successful!

what about my trailblazers, huh? even though they lost last night they made a hell of a run a little too late last night. i do think they scared the rockets a bit there. their lack of defense and the inability to get anything to go down was truly frustrating. these teams are extremely well matched and all of these games are going to be hard won. i'm proud of my guys for not giving up - continuing to shoot and be aggressive. they are definitely the underdogs here but if they can steal one on sunday i think we have a chance. rip city uprise is at a full fever pitch here. signs in everyone's windows, businesses supporting the team and everyone in their gear on game day. last night at rsq every other table was sporting a tee-shirt, a jersey or hat supporting the boys on the road. go get em guys. watch those tapes. we've contained yao, now we need to contain luis scola and von wafer. these guys are desimating us. lamarcus did a good job on scola last night but he just couldn't miss. oh, and refs? just cause we are young and inexperienced doesn't mean the whistle shouldn't be blown on both ends. oh, and just because greg oden breathes on the ball doesn't mean he's commited a foul. give the kid a break! hang in there fellas. if anything, this is the most amazing learning experience and i think they've surprised some folks with their determination after being blown out in game 1.


Thursday, April 23, 2009


wow. this man is so full of hate i just don't know what to say. my "favorite" part of this rant is that the second caller only gets enough air time to praise "dr" savage and he cuts the caller off twice to hear his own voice. freedom of speech? how about other parts of that constitution, like "all men are created equal"? this man is sick and twisted. i'm sorry to whatever happened to him in his life that made him so un-compassionate. he's probably one of those guys who goes to seedy rest stops to get a blow job from a male prostitute.
check out these tragic stories about 2 11-year-old boys who took their own lives - they killed themselves over this! - because they were bullied at school about being gay. most kids aren't even aware of this at that age. bullying is not taken seriously enough at schools and i hope these two stories can change that...
carl joseph walker-hoover & jaheem herrera.

peace everyone.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

la lohan!

watch this video of lindsay lohan and her eharmony find a mate video. hilarious! this is why i feel so bad for this girl - she is a talented actress in there. this is spot on!


Naomi Pomeroy taught herself how to cook using cookbooks, including a decades-old copy of The Joy of Cooking. The onetime vegetarian eats meat now, but she’s choosy about where it comes from: She picks the non-sustainably raised beef out of her favorite pho noodle soup.
We loved: Charcuterie plate with foie gras bonbon; steak tartare and quail egg toast; chicken liver mousse with candied bacon. -food & wine magazine
friday april 17, 2009
cream of celery root soup
shaved oregon black truffle
domaine de sousa nv brut tradition
charcuterie plate:
foie-gras bon-bon, sauternes gelee
steak tartare & quail egg toast
pork, pork liver, sour cherry & pistachio pate
chicken liver mousse, maple candied bacon
hiedler riesling loiser berg - 2005
cattail creek lamb loin roulade
braised spring fennel, 7 minute pheasant egg
beet chutney & lamb glace
rostaing les lizardes syrah - 2005
wild gathered greens
morel, bacon & ramp turnover
late harvest sauvignon blanc vinaigrette
domaine lamy st. aubin blanc 'la prince' - 2006
~selection of steve's cheese~
black pepper & fleur de sel shortbread
poached fruit, candied hazelnuts
domaine boulay sancerre chavignol - 2007
cardamom almond parfait
orange scented chocolate sauce & candied citrus
rare wine co. historic series boston bual madeira nv
whoa. that meal was a-maz-ing. naomi was named one of food & wine magazine's best new chefs of 2009 and i must say, she deserves it. my favorite? tough call. the steak tartare was the perfect savory bite. the foie-gras bon-bon? melted on my tongue. my first foie-gras. good. the lamb dish took me to the edge, but damn if there weren't 2 more courses. i don't like beets so i just pushed them to the side. beets do infest everything around it, but the roulade with the sweet beet juice was awesome. the fennel was subtle and the loin? good lord - perfectly cooked. i couldn't even finish the cheese course or the dessert. both great. the cheeses were very mellow, i thought. the perfect segue to that decadent dessert. thank you sharon and di (and naomi). delicious. and nothing beats the conversation and experience.

Friday, April 17, 2009


the portland trailblazers tied the division with denver after they KICKED THEIR ASS on wednesday night. george karl insists that he was coaching this game like it was do or die (they'd already secured the number 2 spot in the west) - but i think his guys couldn't care less that they lost by more than 20 points. now they have to share the banner with the trailblazers due to their egos and laziness. i hope the hornets kick em out of the first round. my playoff tickets came in the mail yesterday. wow. i have 2 tickets to every game they make - i could go to the nba finals. if we were so lucky to beat los angeles...hey, maybe someone will take care of them before we need to! dallas got knocked out of the first round the year they won 67 games by the 8th seed golden state warriors. it could happen...believe! rip city uprise!
tonight we eat at beast. naiomi was just names one of the best chefs by food and wine magazine. i'm hungry thinking about it! i'll have a full report later...

Monday, April 13, 2009

thanks. thanks a lot!

these damn cookies are dangerous! i shouldn't have gotten 2 boxes. oh, and you can't take the box to the couch. only 2! i've still got a box of shortbread and 2 boxes of thin mints and peanut butter patties in the freezer. i'm good to go on cookies for a while! well not those thanks a lots. those things are ridiculous.
you should have seen my suitcase on the way home - busting with cookies. the guy at the x-ray said "who's got girl scout cookies?" quite amusing.
blazer game tonight. big game. must win. can't let okc beat us. wednesday night. big game. must win. can't let denver beat us. if we can beat denver - we're the division champs. what? you say.
rip city uprise!

somewhere only we know

Sunday, April 12, 2009


this has disaster written all over it from the word go.
please watch all 7:07 of it. you won't be sorry.
youtube wouldn't let me embed it so you have to go there to watch it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

over the river & through the woods...

[my grandmother's amazing yard]

[me & the landscaper ... that's my grandma!]

[the kids & their great-grandmother ... joe is in the glasses]

[me & my girl lauren]
hey everyone. gosh, i feel like i've been gone for so long! i've been in california visiting the 3 coolest kids ever. i love my niece and nephews so much. my sister and her husband have done the most amazing job with those children. they are smart, hilarious, thoughtful and polite. i love how much they genuinely love the family. when brent heard we were going to concord to visit grandma he said, "cool, i haven't seen her for a while." how many 11 year olds think it's cool to visit their 83 year old grandmother? awesome. the trip was so invigorating for me. i hadn't been to visit in 5 months almost! i didn't make it at christmas and i was so low around brent and joe's birthday, i didn't want to bring that to their birthday and i was just having a hard time accepting how depressed i had become. but all that love from the kids and the laughs with my sister and her husband and my mother and my father was outstanding. the visit to my grandmother's was a bit bittersweet as she will probably be moving this coming year and it could be the last time i would be in her house. so many memories in the house. amazing, wonderful memories - i know my mother and father do too. her yard is so amazing and she has done the whole thing herself over 40 years. i could shed a tear thinking about it. i took a million pictures and will make a movie soon.
thank you my wonderful family. i love you all more than i could say here or anywhere else.
p.s. the portland trailblazers want that home court advantage BAD! they are so excited right now that i can't think of any match up in the first round that they couldn't handle.
rip city uprise!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

why i love rachel maddow reason #12,591

um, i laughed out loud at this - rachel's cocktail segment. please, please enjoy this and then tell yr friends. really. i'm not kidding.

always remember first!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

we love la

no superstars? you sure about that?
lamarcus aldridge [35 points, 18 rebounds, 39 minutes]

el magico numero ... uno!

"for us it's not about phoenix and the rest of these teams. we're taking care of business and just focusing on us continuing to win games. we know the next one will clinch and then once we do that, we go from there." - nate mcmillan, blazer's head coach

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a walk in the 'hood

i'm sorry...

i suppose i owe an apology to my readers who love my snarky comment on reality tv and whatnot and all you've been getting is basketball mumbo jumbo. i'm sorry. it's all so ... well, all consuming. it's down to the wire people! i'll try to be less geeky.
speaking of apologies, did you all see this...

this portia is all over the damn place! but this is a homo classic. hilarious and subversive all at the same time. kudos for all this speaking out porsh. it's nice seeing her on tv because, well, she's hot. oh and her show is pretty funny too. she's got that stone-face hilarity down to a science. check it out if you haven't. oh, it's called 'better off ted'. bad title but good, smart comedy. wednesday abc 8.30...
"paid for by married gay people who are sorry" HA!
tomorrow is friday and you know what that means people, record night! these are the records in the frames this week...

[the police's synchronicity is a true classic. these guys rarely missed a beat. it's a shame sting seems like such a tool.]

[i think she's so unusual is a perfect way to start a friday night! her cover of prince's 'when u were mine' is one of my all time favorites. remember the day you realized what 'she bop' was actually about? that was a rough one! we also know that cyndi is a hetero homo advocate. thanks cyndi!]

the thrilla gets tossed! holla!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh, right

just an ice cream update. imagine whirled peace is absolutely nothing like one sweet whirled. however, it's damn delicious. caramel & sweet cream ice cream with toffee cookie pieces and chocolate peaces! yum. ice cream is good and i felt so peaceful...

"imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. no hell below us, above us only sky. imagine all the people living for today. imagine there's no countries. it isn't hard to do. nothing to kill or die for and no religion too. imagine all the people living life in peace. you may say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one. i hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one. imagine no possessions. i wonder if you can. no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man. imagine all the people sharing all the world. you may say that i'm a dreamer, but I'm
not the only one. i hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one."

the stretch

[brandon roy & lamarcus ladridge]
here we go. blazer's beat utah by 20 points (125-104). it's their third straight game winning by 20+ points! amazing. these guys are energized and playing like they are practicing for the playoffs. nate has to be pleased right now. rudy out? no problem, let nic play more minutes. ok. 17 points and countless hustle plays that don't make the box score. przybilla ejected (along with carlos boozer and jerry sloan!)? no problem. greg oden can come in an muscle his way to the rim. our leaders? b.roy with 25 points and l.aldridge with 26. this is how you win home court advantage in the playoffs! they do have a last road trip against san antonio, phoenix and los angeles clippers. they can so win these games. go blazers!!!

el magico numero...2!!!!!!!!