Friday, January 30, 2009

my gayest entry yet!

go to the link above to finally read a really great interview with my mad crush, rachel maddow. she is so insightful, smart, funny, sarcastic and gay as gay can be. she's so gay, she claims to sometimes forget she's gay. it's true we don't go around all day long thinking we're gay. are you heteros continually conscious of your straightness?

speaking of gay - the beginning of the final season of nip/tuck is really starting to annoy me. first, FIRST, liz sleeps with christian? what? only to tell him she doesn't like men, she likes christian. then she has the gay nerve to sleep with him AGAIN! oh dear. to put the icing on the lesbian cake - so to speak - the character of olivia, played by portia de hottie de rossi, was killed off by going into cardiac arrest on the plastic surgery operating table. now i know this show is so over the top and all but are we to believe that portia de rossi degeneres is having plastic surgery? plus, if i was portia degeneres i would go slap ryan murphy for his pathetic lesbian storyline. it was offensive and if mrs. de rossi degeneres knew it would be edited that way i think she would have thought twice about taking that gay role. plus, i was promised some girl on girl action and there was one scene of the women laying in bed chatting. of course. the next scene is
of christian's bare ass giving it to twins. nice. oh, have i mentioned that ryan murphy is a gay man? that makes it worse.
whoa! sorry about that. it was all so annoying. so annoying, in fact, i don't think i'm going to finish this series up. take that ryan murphy!

[portia and joley richardson in their one scene in bed together on a show that thrives on sex. portia's a top? who woulda guessed?]

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

diane's birthday playlist

bear: di, you want me to make you a playlist for your dinner party?
di: yes, bear, that'd be awesome.
sharon: do you know what di di likes?
bear: [pause] i know what she doesn't like!
it's true that i had a hard time making this playlist. di has a very specific tastes - like all of us. but i've listened to it a couple of times, and i have to say, i love it. i think i captured the tone of di's party spot on. yeah, it has juice newton, but it also has diana ross, amy winehouse and radiohead. that juice newton song kills everytime! enjoy!

when i say go ... the 1900's
i feel the earth move ... carole king
i want you back ... the jackson 5
i'm coming out ... diana ross
you know i'm no good ... amy winehouse
bathwater ... no doubt
funhouse ... p!nk
hello bonjour ... michael franti & spearhead
cecilia ... simon & garfunkel
second hand news ... fleetwood mac
midnight rider ... the allman bros. band
no sugar tonight/new mother nature ... the guess who
wild mountain nation (live) ... blitzen trapper
but anyway ... blues traveler
baby i love you ... natalie merchant
feel the pain ... dinosaur jr.
somebody's crying ... chris isaak
something so strong ... crowded house
new york, new york ... ryan adams
suddenly i see ... kt tunstall
don't ask me why ... billy joel
solsbury hill ... peter gabriel
closer to fine ... indigo girls [had to have the lesbian anthem!]
walt whitman's neice ... billy bragg & wilco
thanks a lot ... neko case & her boyfriends
if i had $100000 ... barenaked ladies
love's been a little bit hard on me ... juice newton
rich girl ... hall & oates
gimmie shelter ... rolling stones
superstition ... stevie wonder
crazy ... gnarls barkley
never there ... cake
wanna be startin' somethin' ... michael jackson
surrender ... cheap trick
crazy on you ... heart
bring me some water (acoustic) ... melissa etheridge
shameless ... ani difranco
c'mon billy ... pj harvey
high and dry ... radiohead
back on the chain gang ... the pretenders
somebody to love ... jefferson airplane
piece of my heart ... janis joplin
the waiting ... tom petty & the heartbreakers
breaking the girl ... red hot chili peppers
rock the casbah ... the clash
once in a lifetime ... talking heads
like the weather ... 10.000 maniacs
o valencia! ... the decemberists
walking on broken glass ... annie lennox
viva la vida ... coldplay
everyday i write the book ... elvis costello & the attractions
changes ... david bowie
down to zero ... joan armatrading
romeo & juliet ... indigo girls
you've got to hide your love away ... eddie vedder
crazy (acoustic) ... seal
dear prudence ... the beatles
thunder road ... bruce springsteen
levon ... elton john
wild world ... cat stevens
misunderstanding ... genesis
the boys of summer ... don henley
beast of burden ... rolling stones
hey now (girls just wanna have fun) ... cyndi lauper

Friday, January 23, 2009


well, here we are in louisville. let's hope it's better than san francisco. there's always simon and cara.
do they all really need their own limos? uh, don't they know we're in a petrol crisis?

mariah carey songs should not be allowed. ever. i hate when mariah sings them. i can't understand why parents let their children embarrass themselves on national television. "they are looking for nerds and freaks." -tiffany

cara knows this chick, joanna. she was signed to a record label. 'we belong.' she's good. i bet she makes the top 12.

mark? serious backwoods kentucky. he's almost died 5 times! eek! he's the worst. don't mess with mudd ... he's scary. "be careful." paula didn't like it so much.

brent, at the very least has a great name! he's ok. i don't like that type of singing. paula and cara went down together. huh-huh. under the table. cara's smokin' hot dress with the hole to reveal cleavage? american idol has gotten way better this year.

toothbrush company employee? oooohhhh, 'somewhere over the rainbow'

matt has a very justin timberlake quality about him.

ross, i'm not sure you can learn to sing through chinese characters or mathematical equations. i can't wait to hear this...yep. just what i thought it might sound like. paula's face was priceless. he drank out of paula's straw. i guess we now know it's not vodka in there. was he a plant? thoughts.

another singing stay at home mom. they are hidden all over the burbs. whoa...i never would have thought that voice would have come out of that.

yikes, aaron, that took paula right out of her chair. hilarious! he's so cute, however. he's going to bring joy to some job somewhere.

rebecca, open your eyes, check your arm and see that the judges are giggling. yet another mother with kid muffs over their ears.

for tonight's sob story ... poverty. yeah, it sucks, i agree. but i have to say leneshe is lovely and sweet. let's hear it though. her own song - not bad. ok. i bought this sob story. i love her. she may make the top too.

19 to hollywood. god, let the hollywood round start soon. next week, jacksonville florida.

  • tiffany? what song was that?
  • that's not a gun, is it?
  • for me it was a bit buster-ish
  • is it me or is this show getting weirder this year
  • that was so boring
  • say goodbye
  • i think you should do something in your life that involves shouting
  • stop. quit singing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

holla back!

"For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace."
-President Barack Obama

[*deep sigh*]


i figured out how to post on my blog if you don't have a gmail account! it's all fixed. you no longer have to have a gmail account to post!
post away!

my theme song

you know i love music
and every time i hear something hot
it makes me wanna move
it makes me wanna have fun
but it's something about this joint right here
this joint right here it makes me wanna woo!
let it go
can't let this thing called love get away from you
feel free right now go do what you wanna do
can't let nbody take it away from you from me from we
no time for MOPING around are you kidding?
and no time for negative vibes 'cause i'm winning
it's been a long week i put in my hardest
gonna live my life feels so good to get it right
so i like what i see when i'm looking at me
when i'm walking past the mirror
DON'T STRESS through the night at a time in my life
ain't worried about if you feel it
got my head on straight i got my vibe right
see i wouldn't change my life my life's just fine
feels so good
when you're doing all the things that you wanna do
get the best out of life treat yourself to something new
keep your head up high in yourself believe in you believe in me
having a really good time i'm not complaining and i'ma still wear a SMILE if it's RAINING
i gotta enjoy myself regardless
i appreciate life i'm so glad that it's mine
so i like what i see when i'm looking at me
when i'm walking past the mirror
ain't worried about you and what you're gonna do
i'm a lady so i must stay classy
gotta keep it hot keep it together if i want to get better
see i wouldn't change my life my life's just fine
... mary j blige ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


this was the worst of the auditions. only 12 through. they only showed a couple of the good singers, and even they weren't that great. this entry blows. i blame it on a.i.


this [longest pause ever] is american idol!

paula gone wild with the bedazzler!

tatiana, girl from puerto rico a plant? thoughts.
"if i have to outsing everyone, one by one, on the planet to get a record deal i will ... and i have."
of course paula likes her - she's crazy. like paula.

"the coat"

what about jesus? the kids helped. i think if he just sang instead of all those vocal gymnastics, we'd get somewhere.
cara, you're a sucker, but my crush lives on!

stick to the rubik's cube, dawg.

cara: give her your passion.
randy: she wants your baby.
[paula's face: priceless]

[fringe is still on?]

where are all the good singers? sf sucks! it's halfway through and it's been all sucky people. this has been the worst episode yet. plus, simon isn't quite as cheeky as usual.

people are just a little bit crazy aren't they? this woman, akilah from the o-town hood, is just not playing with a full deck. is she on drugs?
"i wanna sing the same song over i sang it in the wrong rectum."
wow. paula had to leave the room.
"they made me sound like one of those auditioners who couldn't sing."

uh-oh. please don't let tonight's splicer be "bohemian rhapsody." please. i don't think i could take it.

just a 1 minute montage of 3 people going to hollywood? come on, simon fuller.

adam might be cute enough to make it past the hollywood round.

they saved the sob story for last tonight. i can't decide if a mother's illness trumps that guy who's wife died. let's see how good he is. not bad. he's gonna have to step it up for the hollywood round.

no splicer tonight.

only 12 go through to hollywood. sf you suck.

tomorrow night, louisville.

  • tatiana: i have a gift for you. simon: yes!
  • are these quite naughty?
  • she didn't get through on her vocals
  • it was really really boring and i hate what you're wearing.
  • the song is horrible, not you.
  • ...too many parts of the body we don't want to know about.
  • annie i'm gonna be honest with you. it was like you were drunk...i'm not talking 1 or 2 bottles. i'm talking a crate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i can't even put in to words this overwhelming feeling of change and hope.
on this day...
tears of joy...
tears of hope...
my friends and i gathered around the tv...
johna jenn helen jana sharon diane...

where were you?


Monday, January 19, 2009


barack obama - the 44th president of the united states of america

january 2009 playlist

dogs by damien rice ... love
wild mountain nation by blitzen trapper ... new old 70's sound
maps by yeah yeah yeahs ... fell in love during rock band 2
got money by lil wayne ... beee-ya-tch!
put a lid on it by squirrel nut zippers ... authentic
long road to ruin by foo fighters ... classic
single ladies (put a ring on it) by beyonce ... of course
just like heaven by the cure ... old
i'm coming out by diana ross ... older
suspicious minds by dwight yokam ... cover
are you that somebody by the gossip ... another
naked as we came by iron & wine ... death
down to zero by joan armatrading ... dyke
carey by joni mitchell ... brilliance
mrs. officer by lil wayne ... weee-o-weee-o weee
just fine by mary j blige ... my theme song now
the man who sold the world by nirvana ... sad
big poppa by the notorious b.i.g. ... sadder
gin & juice by snoop dogg ... milf weed

Sunday, January 18, 2009



my sister got me onto and now that i'm reading again i'm loving going through and trying to remember my favorite books and which ones i want to read. it's hard to concentrate on a book when you're down in the dumps. since my thud i've re-surfaced and am just about to finish water for elephants. i can't wait to see the ending. anyway, i love seeing the books my sister is reading and which ones of mine that she chooses for her list. fun, fun, fun. plus, reading is good. check it out.

the january sun is a godsend. my mother burst my bubble today when she told me in was 68 degrees in sacramento. it's probably only about 45 degrees here. it's still freezing but the sun is shining. vitamin d is a good thing.

i'm getting excited for tuesday. change.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

update: helen

my friend helen's surgery went amazingly well. they removed what they think was scar tissue built up from her last surgery in the same area. thank you all for the positive thoughts. it made it all easier.
we love you helen!

Friday, January 16, 2009

here ya go patty!

i've received a couple of comments about this part of the show. i agree that it's completely asinine. because these idiots come on thinking they can sing (or are planted know it's true) it forces the judges to say the meanest things. you know what simon says you all agree with - it's just that he doesn't have a filter. supposedly they are making this part shorter and the hollywood part longer. also, they are bringing back the "wild card" - where each judge gets to bring back one eliminated contestent. i want to say they stopped that in the third season or so. this is fun so, i'll see you next week!

kansas city here we come!

will they ever give up the lame beginning? at least some of the faces are real now and not that creepy thing they had going before.

kansas city: home of last year's winner, david cook.

lime green babydoll, paula? really?

surrender the fantasy, chelsea. no bueno. ouch. stop. really. stop. please.
simon is absolutely smitten by casey! he can't stop smiling...
i already see a couple of people who will be "spliced in" tonight! i wonder what the big number will be?
the crying segment is genius! i loved every minute of it. come on, sister? patty? come on! i think i'm gonna watch it again!
castro's punk rock brother? thoughts?
"do you want a banana?"
jasmine "jazz. it's pretty much my name" joseph. i'm wondering if i need to elaborate?
i think 'over the rainbow' will be the splicer tonight.
"these are my crazy pills" that 93 year old woman was the star of this show.
i'm calling right now that jessica furney and the punk-y castro brother will make the top 12 or whatever.
"we're rappers." "why you try to steal my cookie from me" india dragged her sister, asia, to american idol because she knew she was good. asia made it. india didn't. sisterly love is awesome.
[cool. joss whedon's "dollhouse" is finally starting on february 13!]
oh. my. god. they are playing neko case's "train from kansas city"! neko. no. this is a sad day.
the sob story is sad, but this guy better be good. they don't care about the grief if you suck. uh-oh. music teacher. wow! me likey! i might have to add danny to that list with punk-y castro and jessica. that story will carry him to the top 12.
anoop-dog! hollaaaaaa! who woulda thought? "you got some crazy vocals jumpin off there!" - randy
rats! tonight's splicer, "sign, sealed, delivered"
andrew's cheerleaders were hysterical. those splits? eek! andrew singing "my girl" was, well, sort of hilarious. he's so gay!
i like asa barnes. he's so cute. he has a good aura. i like cara too. she's lookin' hot tonight in kansas city!
i can't watch the retarded guy - but i'm glad i saw simon's reaction to him when he walked in the room! was he a plant? thoughts?
why do people insist on continuing to sing after they tell them it sucks? why?
dennis. what about dennis? cara really likes him. i'm not sure. i don't think he'll make it past this first round. dennis' weave is growing out. time to cut that shit out dennis! tyra would be apalled.
they always save the best - er, worst - for last. mia conley. yep. she sucks. you know she's gonna cause a scene. she's still mumbling the song...stop - woa! no, stop. mia. girl. "god's gonna get you!" what does that mean?
wait, maybe they did save the best for last. lil rounds. yep. put her on the list. probably the best. she sounds like mary j. let's get crunk! randy agrees with me! i said it first, randy! i really like her. i loved the way her husband looked at her. very sweet.
some of my favorite simon-isms tonight:
you're a singing ryan seacrest aren't you?
let's just say goodbye
josh grobin? honestly brian
contestent: "can i try it again?" simon: "no"
well, let's just change blind to death and that song would make a lot of sense
not happy at all
it was terrible
it's a sorta bit geeky at the moment
it's like swimming in jello
no. no. no.
let's be clear. the first records you bought were paula's, yeah?
next stop: 6 more cities including new york and san francisco. see you then. cara? will you marry me?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

on another note...

can you believe george bush wants to come on tv and "say goodbye"? what a pompous ass! doesn't he know that people are literally counting down seconds until he's out of there? doesn't he know? he's acting like people are going to miss him. him and all his tears on tv about leaving office! i'm not falling for it! george w. bush, you will ALWAYS BE THE PROVEN WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY. always. i can't imagine there could be anyone worse. all he's done was maneuver us into the worst economic crisis since the great depression, started 2 meaningless wars and manipulated, lied, deceived and committed treason against america and americans. he should be in jail. anyone else would be. he believed he was above the law and he made it so he was.
tuesday won't come soon enough. hope is upon us. i know that obama is not the answer to all of our problems - he can't fix everything. it's going to take years to get back on track. but we have to keep fighting for civil rights, our environment and democracy. president obama thinks we can do it. he believes in america. i also think we should re-visit the constitution of the united states. i know president obama will uphold the founding principles of our fine nation.
here's to hope.

american idol thoughts

it's that time of year again kids! american idol is back. all the buzz is about cara, the new judge. i have to tell you, i like her so far. the unfortunate thing is that she makes paula look really crazy because cara is normal. i'm going to blog while watching and see what happens.
what about that woman in the bikini who tried to tongue kiss ryan? doesn't she know he's gay?

sexual chocolate? i loved when simon said, "that's enough sexual."

uh, paula, are you trying to give randy a run with all these ridiculous glasses? this pair during the sexual chocolate segment were, like, amber vision.

"i used to teach myself to sing in my closet late at night. apparently there was a lot of mold in there. i ended up getting really sick. that was a fun story. i've missed a spanish test for this. it feels like if i don't do it that i'm going to get a b or probably worse. for nothing. that was a joke. but. um." [crickets]
when simon told alex that he'd just come out of the closet - that kid's face was priceless. his breath caught in his throat. but his voice? kinda ok. but gosh, this guy is a social retard.

what can you say about that guy with the bass of a voice?

i hate the new trend of making these poor people sing one song so they can splice it together and humiliate them. if they asked me to sing something after they've already told me i suck i'd be all, "no way! you're going to splice me in, i know it!"

a blind guy? wow, they are pulling out all the stops this year...he is good! awesome. a blind guy on idol? curious.

ryan, for future reference, you can't high five a blind guy without telling him your up for a high five.
"go high" - GOB bluth

tomorrow? kansas city! see you there...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

unlikely stars of last night's game...

steve blake
10 assists
16 points
4-9 from 3 point range
greg oden
13 rebounds (6 offensive)
17 points
travis outlaw
(get this)
33 points
7 rebounds (2 offensive)
4-5 from 3 point range!
35+ minutes
hollaback portland! a convincing win with an almost invisible b.roy. this is what i'm talking about. go rip city!
oh, have i mentioned that barack obama will be inaugurated in 8 days?!
god bless america ... my home sweet home

Sunday, January 11, 2009


my friend helen is going in to have what they believe is a cancerous tumor removed on wednesday. i'm very worried for her because i love her and she's already had breast cancer and ovarian cancer, god bless her. i pray it hasn't spread so i think happy thoughts and hope you will too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

benjamin biting his nails after surviving arctic blast while watching the trailblazer game

i want to blog but what to blog about? i suppose i could tell you about the amazing movie the curious case of benjamin button. you all know what it's about right? the baby that's born as an old man? yeah, that one. brad pitt ages backwards. it's one of the most amazing love stories i've ever watched. cate blanchette [*sigh*] and brad pitt [*sigh*] are so believable as a couple who meet when they are 7 - she a ordinary 7 year old and he a 7 year old old boy living in an old folks home - who looks like an old man. they fall in love instantly - she sees he's a young person trapped in an old person's body, literally. once their ages collide they come together and have a love affair that lasts years. those scenes are awesome because it's so believable that they are in love, that's they've always loved each other and that they will always love each other. the story is being told in the present right before katrina hits new orleans. brad pitt calls it a love story to new orleans. after i get over their love story, i'll watch it again and watch it from the city's point of view. i hope this film wins some awards. i loved it.

i've bitten my nails off. well, not completely off just - well, down. not as bad as they used to be but they don't look super good. i just can't bring myself to bite them down as far as i had. thank god. it all started after the shingles. i traded shingles for nail biting. it's a decent trade, i suppose. i'm trying to stop again. it's worse than smoking! you can't, you know, just not buy a pack of fingernails for chewing.

now that arctic blast is over we're on to flood watch 09. as al roker so gently put it this morning, "they're getting hammered in the pacific northwest!" we're lucky here in portland. everywhere else in oregon and washington is flooding. highway 5 is closed to seattle! closed! highway 5! the air is strangely warm but the wind is cool. does that make sense? when the wind isn't blowing the air is quite arid. humid, maybe.

went to the blazers/pistons game last night. the first 3 quarters were so boring i could have dozed off. the crowd was just not into the game. the trailblazers went down 14 at one point. it was as quiet as i've heard it in the 5 games i've been to this season. jarryd bayless played 17 minutes (a season high) and was just a spark in that second unit; which is a complete mess due to brandon roy being out. he really showed the fans what he can do with a little playing time. he was pumped to be on the floor everytime he was out there. lamarcus aldridge finished with 26 points. i was so happy to see that l.a. has stepped up while brandon's been on the injured list. the 4 games brandon's been out l.a. has averaged 20 points a game. he has to be the leader when brandon is not on the floor. and he did it. i was impressed. he also has played an ass-load of minutes! this is the second game i've gone to that was determined by 1 point in the final seconds. 84-83. the home opener against san antonio was also determined in the final seconds, 101-99. all of the games i've attended so far my portland trailblazers have won. awesome. go blazers!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


happy new year everyone!
i actually stayed up until midnight this year and i wasn't in bed! we had a gathering at sharon and di's house. we were supposed to do it at johna and jenn's new place but they just moved in on sunday. we thought we should cut them a break. i thought about my house, but my neighbor doesn't like fun. plus, way more people came to our gathering than would even fit in my apartment!
we ate a lot of yummy food and chatted and danced around and saw dick clark?! did you all see dick clark? why did they let him come on tv. it was really sad. he's had a stroke, of course, and they've got him so botoxed up that nothing on his face was moving. his mouth barely moved. perhaps one side of his face doesn't work due to the stroke so they just shot up the other side so he didn't look droopy. it didn't help. then they had this white make up on him - he looked dead. it was sort of creepy. god bless ya, dick clark!
russell street rocked yesterday! i guess new year's eve is busy. it was our first time staying open, usually we close early.
ok. peace.
20 more days...